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Soap Creations

community for soapers, bath and body creations

+-- Soap Creations --+
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+-- Soap Creations --+

Welcome to Soap Creations! This community was created to be a friendly gathering place for makers of soap, lotions, creams, body butters, shampoos, conditioners, and everything related to bath and body!

Share recipes, ask questions, post pictures of your beautiful creations, and even post sales of homemade toiletries.

Besides being a place to discuss homemade soap and toiletries, this community was created to be a fun and friendly place. Membership is open to all, but there are a few rules and guidelines in place here to make sure that this community remains a user (and, gasp, newbie) friendly community.

Rules & Guidelines
(community creator/moderator: prowidow)

    1. Treat others with respect.
    2. All pictures must be behind a cut.
    3. All the moderator's discretion, any posts or members deemed offensive will be removed.

.. and that's it! Just a few little things to make sure Soap Creations remain a fun and friendly community!